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Christian Science practitioners pray upon request for any problem you may be facing, including health and relationship issues. We heal through prayer as taught by Christ Jesus and explained by Mary Baker Eddy in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We do not pray for a specific outcome, but rather to understand and demonstrate God's harmony in your life, which results in healing. It is most helpful if you own a copy of the Bible and Science and Health. For the Christian Science Practitioner Scope of Services, please click here.

Working together

When you contact me, I will usually give you an inspiring thought to consider, while I pray for you. I ask that you contact me every day that we work together. Phone conversations are usually quite short. E-mail and text message requests are welcome. When you request prayer the first time, I will ask for your contact information and explain my fees.

Only one method

Using two forms of healing at the same time can make both ineffective. So, if you want me to pray for you, please don't use another form of healing, such as medicine, chiropractics, hypnotism, yoga, acupuncture, etc., at the same time. If you have a question about this, please be sure to ask.


I am also available for consultation for help in understanding Christian Science, spiritual points in the Bible, and Mary Baker Eddy's writings. Consultation may be in person in my office (please make an appointment!), by phone, or Skype. My office is on the fifth floor at 1055 E. Colorado Blvd., in Pasadena. I'm generally there Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, and at other times by appointment. I also make housecalls. If a conversation is not convenient, I will consider an e-mail or text message consultation.


My fee is $35 per day. The fee for a one-half hour consultation is $35. Mileage at 67¢/mile is charged for house calls more than 10 miles from my office. Nobody should feel that a temporary inability to pay would exclude them from receiving treatment. Payment is preferred by Zelle® or Venmo. I also accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, or cash in person. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal®.

Telephone: 1.626.222.4197 (mobile)
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