Association Meeting
Lavatera bryoniifolia
Crete, Greece

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "The National Christian Scientist Association has brought us together to minister and to be ministered unto; mutually to aid one another in finding ways and means for helping the whole human family; to quicken and extend the interest already felt in a higher mode of medicine; to watch with eager joy the individual growth of Christian Scientists, and the progress of our common Cause in Chicago, "the miracle of the Occident" (Mis. 98:9-16). This purpose is as true for today's Christian Science associations as it was for Mrs. Eddy's students in Chicago.

2024 association meeting: Saturday, July 27, in Arcadia, CA.

Those who cannot for valid reasons attend the Association meetings of their own teacher's pupils, may apply to Mary Bothwell, C.S.B., for an invitation to attend the Association meeting of her pupils. Preference will be given to those whose Associations have disbanded. Please click here to request an invitation.

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